5 Procedures for cancerogenicity and genotoxicity studies continue
The CJEU procedure continues.
The request for carcinogenicity & genotoxicity studies continues.
The EMA has responded. Among its arguments:
  1. The resources required for these studies (It takes time and it is expensive)
  2. The limitation to a low dose of exposure related to only 2 injections of ALC0159 for the Pfizer vaccine which the EMA comments conditionally as "risk should be low" with 2 injections.
  3. They are not aware of any other biologically plausible mechanisms of concern... .
The answer was, among the arguments:
  1. Multiplication of injections, with ALC 0159 increasing the risk.
  2. Interference of spike with P53 and BRCA tumor suppressors.
  3. Biodistribution studies, reminder of texts on the relevance of carcinogenicity & genotoxicity studies.

  4. For those who want to understand, for the protection of vaccinated people, Make your opinion "Is it better to do these studies to learn more and act accordingly or is it better not to do them?" What do you think, what do your friends and family think after reading these exchanges?

     Read the documents to form your own opinion
4 Open Letter to decision makers....But also to those, open minded, who listen to points of views
What if you heard us ? What if you heard our fears for you and for us ? What if you heard our proposals ? What if you demanded the safety studies ?

We are doctors, scientists, health professionals, civil servants or private agents, pensioners, parents, children, citizens.

What if you heard all factions of the people and all points of view? Is it too much to ask ? . . . read

 Letter Parliament
 Request to the WHO
 Letter cancer safety studies
3 Open letter and action for cancer and toxicity studies

Shouldn't cancer studies be conducted on rodents? Concerns were identified by scientists and doctors.
  1. Ethically and scientifically
    To apprehend risks and take actions to mitigate them. Early screening to protect those who have been vaccinated as per identifed risks.
  2. Ethically and medically
    Need to stress importance of informed consent and tests to be done on rodents before being done in a mandatory way on children, adults, those immune and healthcare workers.

 Open letter for safety of all, vaccinated or not

 First legal challenge in Europe, others accross the world are likely to follow in multiple jurisdictions until proper safety studies are conducted
In the name of emergency, unproven actions, weakening the populations, are carried out. Lawyers, doctors and scientists ask the United Nations, following the request transmitted to the WHO, that substantive actions strengthening the population be implemented and that a fair debate be held comparing the benefits/risks. They question the absence of substantive beneficial actions in the face of Covid and beyond, while reactions that may have a harmful balance are conducted in the name of emergency.
Shouldn't the focus be on actions that empower citizens and an open and fair debate on benefits/risks? . . . read

 Open letter to the Secretary General of the UN
 Request to the WHO
1Request to the WHO

Request established by doctors, scientists and lawyers to open a necessary and missing debate, for all citizens, based on data and evidence, for our safety, efficiency, proportionality and freedom
Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations on February 22:
« Using the pandemic as a pretext, authorities in some countries have deployed heavy-handed security responses and emergency measures to crush dissent, criminalise basic freedoms, silence independent reporting and curtail the activities of non-governmental organisations »
Request for explanation of selection criteria as interventions that strengthen citizens have been overlooked despite some level of evidence, while other interventions with low levels of evidence weaken the population without sufficient "benefit/risk" analysis.
Table 5 – Comparing risk benefits of vaccinating populations and treatment using same standards of evidence and criteria
Table 6 – Comparing actions and interventions using same standards of evidence and criteria
Investigations are needed for greater caution, particularly regarding high mortalities coinciding with mass vaccinations, as well as some forgotten cautions and links of interest that may have influenced decisions.
Figure 1 – Israel, Emirates, UK massively vaccinating
Figure 2 – Worst Covid phase in India, Kuwait and Bahrain coinciding with massive vaccination
Figure 3 - Uruguay, Hongrie, Seychelles
Figure 4 – Israel mortality rise after wave in young and elederly after vaccination and Belgium 45-64
Figure 5 – France and Italy excess mortality in mRNA vaccinated groups
Analysis of applied solutions
without a sufficient study of the risks to the population
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